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Wanna go Plant-Based {Vegan} ? You need to know this…

Why do some THRIVE & some DIVE…?

The true reasons are Mind Blowing…..

There has been a huge shift in conscious awareness towards the importance of conserving energy ON MANY levels. One in particular is considered & in fact now proven to be the leader towards global ecological destruction.  The global animal parts industry.

More recent times has seen an ever increasing explosion in the amount of people turning vegan or vegetarian, abandoning their old beliefs and habits that were the result of controlled guidance, poor judgment or simply just a lack of insight.

SO…. what makes a person decide to stop consuming animal products.

Of course there are many reasons on a surface level as to why somebody would stop doing something they have grown accustom to for a long period of time.

Something that can be somewhat enjoyable, tasty, comforting, filling, satisfying more than just our gustatory and olfactory senses, like the masculine recognition for being more of a man, especially when ordering your steak double rare.

OR “you must eat meat for protein”
“where are you gonna get ya protein”?
“Your gonna waste away”
Blah Blah Blah

Or just the good old indoctrinated beliefs and behaviours installed through the process of cultural hypnosis.

But why do people stop eating meat..? everybody has their own personal reasons, however…..

Two of the main reasons would be;

1. No longer wanting to be part of the mass slaughter & exploitation of the animals along with the destruction of the planet.

2. An awareness shift towards pursuing a higher standard of morality health/wellness & happiness

or a combination of the two…

As with many major lifestyle changes there will usually be some kind of adjustment period that often lead to physical symptoms, when animal products are eliminated from a standard diet-

These can be some of these symptoms experienced, head-aches, spots, diarrhea, sweats, digestive issues, water infections, weight loss, fatigue, tiredness, weakness.

These are no big secret to those who already understand that many such symptoms are simply the eradication & detox process of the body “having a good ol clear out” and compensating biophysically / chemically, trying its best to maintain a state of homeostasis (balanced health)  

Along with the physical symptoms there can be mental and emotional symptoms of associative conditioning like beliefs that we are supposed to eat meat, it’s part of the persons identity from childhood incl many feelings of comfort attached to such behaviours.

Many newbie vegans continue to experience certain symptoms even after trawling the web through an ocean of information of which much of it conflicts, leaving many totally baffled and in many cases stuck, often resulting in them going back into their comfort-zone of safety certainty and survival.

Going backwards is a common pattern for those that are not of the understanding of “out of the ordinary” informative perspectives when it comes to our overall health and wellness as a species.

For long periods of my life I  experienced most of the list of symptoms mentioned above incl spinal degeneration, skin issues, meningitis, irritable bowel syndrome. I am now symptom free apart from the odd flu or cold from time to time which I understand today as just another way our body clears itself out.

Here is what i personally have been studying for a number of years and more recent years practicing professionally.

Meta-Health – Meta-Physics – Epigenetic's – N.L.P – Human behavioural psychology.

From a “Modern allopathic  perspective” the aforementioned symptoms would usually be treated directly as the cause for dis-ease using medication, supplements or by taking advice from a specialist in Pathology (the study of disease).

This advice would often be something like >>“just go back to what you were doing before”


“its just fate”  


“sorry but its most likely genetic”

“take two of these twice a day for a month… if no change, come back and we will add another drug to the list to combat the added symptoms caused by the first, and so the downward spiral starts of adding more toxicity and increasing deficiency that will lead to a list as long as the patience arm of symptoms and associated drugs, that never correct the cause.

READY for this….?

Meta-Health tells a different story.

Most of the common symptoms stated above are in-fact the “regeneration phase” the healing period which follows after the “stress phase” this STRESS phase is the period that we experience tense feelings during difficult times known as U.D.I.N moments, Unexpected, Dramatic, Isolating, No strategy

The common feelings associated with UDIN moments could be;

Anger / Frustration / Sadness / Disgust / Anxiety / Fear / Hate / Grief / Loneliness / guilt / Rage / worry / etc. etc.

When some people decide to become vegan they do so with one or more of these emotions rattling around inside of them, trapped between a rock and a hard place continually questioning their decisions and results, living with certain worries and frustrations that are Unconsciously  effecting their biochemistry, hormone production, nutrient uptake, most parts of the digestive system including the assimilation all the way to elimination.

Just think about this… the primal true purpose for these negative emotions are in-fact to protect us and keep us safe from harm / threat / poison / starvation etc. so they are paradoxically positive emotions too.

Their primal purpose is to keep us safe in the “moment” short term, we are supposed to learn from trying  testing and observing those around us so we can make Conscious choices based on our own experiential perspective & NOT the directives of others Inc their choices , expectations and ignorance.

Here’s how it works

The primal brain or reptilian brain controls many areas of the human system incl the majority of the digestive system from mouth to anus via neurological networks.

There is also a more recent brain (cerebral cortex) that we developed later through evolution to perceive, navigate, and communicate with the outside world.

E.G ….. if you were continually perceiving information that you are not going to get any good quality food due to shortages, you may start to experience feelings of fear anxiety & worry along with deeper unconscious fears of starvation and eventually death etc.

One of the MOST annoying questions any vegan or vegetarian could get……..over and over and over is…

So where do you get your protein then !?

We must try and open our minds to one of the most important facts in the history of our modern social systems of cultural hypnosis.  We have had a false truth fed to us by the Meat & Dairy industry for a hundred years…(no pun intended)  they started marketing this bull shit to the public a long time ago through early mainstream media and have done ever since.

Today…we are starting to witness the true results of such marketing, heart disease, cancer, bowl disease….the list goes on.

Here’s another fascinating  factor to be considered, our beliefs and attitude towards the actual food we eat also effects the uptake of nutrients (absorption) and elimination.

If you believe with feeling that what you are eating is not good enough for you, the digestive system would react accordingly, remember that all these functions are unconsciously controlled by our  autonomic nervous system, which is in charge of controlling the vital functions of the body without us having to think about it these would include breathing, heart beating, blinking, waste controls, etc.

SO…! even if you are consuming enough nutrients… YET your perception (Epigenetics) is in a looped pattern of fear and worry that your not getting enough or you don’t like what you are consuming, your system can respond accordingly resulting in symptoms of dis-ease via deficiencies.
We can be eating all the nutrients we need yet our psyche can have our brain believe its not nutritious or that its poisonous and our organ/brain system will respond accordingly, by rejecting food or breaking our cells down to compensate for homeostasis.  

The solution Breath fresh air, eat wholefood, drink clean water, think good, let go of your negative past, move enough, live with passion.

The biggest decision of my life was to work with a Holistic Life Coach

OH..! and don’t eat animals flesh..!

Chris Whalley.

Decisive Coaching.