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Decisive    Coaching

One of the best statements I heard many years ago was…
”If only we were given an instruction
manual with each of our children at birth”

This FREE class is a way for me to give a little back, within a sector that is very dear to my heart.

Anger, Frustration, Self Harming, Depression, Drug & Alcohol abuse, Violence, Body dysmorphia
Low self-esteem, Disruptive behaviour, Eating disorders.

Are you experiencing any of the above problems with your children / teens ?
If you think you are on your own, think again! The above problems are far more common than you think, and you'll be very pleased to know there is help and support for those who want answers.

The pressure today on our kids to behave-be and look a certain way, is an ever increasing and extremely common problem that is causing more sadness and upset than many of us know what to do.
Here are some common symptoms of deeper rooted problems which can often be thought of as the side effects from un-resolved issues with ourselves and the relationships we have with our kids,  Conflict, medication, drug use, stressful arguments, family bust ups, divorce, family separation, severe dysfunction, depression with parents.

Here is your chance to work towards a solution by participating in a live group class held once a month.
I have been working with individuals and small groups for several years helping people
find solutions to many of the problems we all experience in life, e.g.

  My style of coaching targets the root cause of the problem using the following modalities:

 How the class will work

Something we must be aware of, every parent / child / families individual issues will of course be constructed of totally different circumstances & events however, for those who decide to attend the class, the fundamental underlying cause of the issues with their children will usually be the same at the very root.    

Each class will focus on sharing and collaborating by listening to a students
specific issues, Chris will then coach the student “Live” on how to create
change & teach the rest of the group during the process.


This is a great opportunity to take back control and discover
how you can increase the odds of a happy child and happy family.

Decide to make change happen right NOW.   LIMITED SPACES
To secure your space please register
No arrivals on the day.

FREE group coaching Troubled Teens Prevention & Solutions group

West Faversham Community Centre, Bysing Wood Rd, Faversham, Kent ME13 7RH